For non-warranty requests:
*All non-warranty calls carry at least an initial Service Call Fee of $145 that covers the arrival of a technician for assessment, including up to the first 30 minutes of diagnostics. Each of the following has an additional $50 applied: Boulder City Travel, Lake Las Vegas Travel, and Locations on the Strip. Steam Showers, Saunas, and Attic Access each have a Service Call Fee of $175. Extra charges apply to any additional time and parts.

For all warranty requests:
*If work turns out not to be warranty related, customer may be responsible for the cost of the service call and parts. For all warranty related to salt chlorine generator systems, customers will be charged for a service call ($145 charge) if the salt cell is dirty. Please clean salt cell thoroughly according to manufacturer directions before technician arrives.

No-Charge Estimate requests:
*Estimates that are not a diagnostic call may qualify as a no-charge service call. A diagnostic call is anytime the technician must use tools or determine what is wrong. A free estimate often applies when we are pricing the replacement or moving equipment. However, if the technician needs to determine the problem first, the service call is a diagnostic call, and does not qualify as a no-charge estimate. As a general rule, if pictures and measurements are all that is needed to generate the price, it is an estimate. Otherwise a service call charge will be applied to any diagnostic call.

You will receive another text/email the day before the date and time your Work Order is scheduled. Also, to keep you updated on the status of your service, you will receive a text/email when the Technician is on their way.

Notice from Nevada State Contractors Board that Owner-Occupied Private Residences have certain rights:

Payment may be available from the Recovery Fund if you are damaged financially by a project performed on your residence pursuant to a contract, including construction, remodeling, repair or other improvements, and the damage resulted from certain specified violations of Nevada law by a contractor licensed in this State. To obtain information relating to the Recovery Fund and filing a claim for recovery from the Recovery Fund, you may contact the State Contractors’ Board at the following location:

State Contractors’ Board
2310 Corporate Circle, Suite 200
Henderson, NV 89074
Telephone number: 702-486-1100